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科盟(CALM AUDIO)旗下品牌有:CALM(科盟)、DJG(DJ 全球)、AAA(艾斯瑞)、92(耐途)等,其产品已广泛用于大型体育场馆、舞台、娱乐场所、会议厅和大型酒店等扩声系统中,深受各大用户的喜爱。 科盟的宗旨:打造百年企业!并以天道酬勤、商道酬诚、人道酬善作为科盟公司的经营理念,贯穿于本公司的经营管理中!

Guangzhou Calm Audio Electronic Co.,Ltd are devote ourself to researching ,manufacturing ,marketing and serving of professional power amplifier since our establishment .
Our products which developed by ourself has been recognized by the market ,also had got the patent (Patent No., 200720048408.1).
In the case of Linear power amplifier with a linear amplifier circuit program, we break the traditional product design, to create power / weight ratio, power / volume ratio limits of new technologies, which are due to the technical solutions described below.
1.Less heat loss due to accurate power allocation
2.Unique power supplying program lower the requirements of power supply
3.Select material and appropriate production technology maximizing the turnout of adapter
4.Ideal radiator structure improving heat sinking so that a smaller and lighter radiator can dissipate heat far faster and more efficiently Thanks to the implementation of the following patents made our dual-channel professional power amplifier more stability ,and also provide comprehensive confidence and guarantee to us and our customer .
1、Cooler free from the rack instead of being wrapped with the beat-isolative gasket, the transistors can immediately release the heat without temperature difference between transistors; each transistor is in the same, shortest distance from the exit of cooling air and each one bears the equivalent output power contributing to a much better reliability.
2、Comprehensive and precise protection program avoiding embarrassing damage or misprotection caused by mishandling.
3、Sourcing the on-playing music as signal then calculating the instant resistance of load based on real-time analysis of the output voltage and current. When the resistance is less than 1.6 ohm, soft protection launches to limit the driving current and recovers current in 5 ms after the failure removed. The relay is kept in connected through protection just avoid contact destruction.
4、Detection on the temperature of radiator and adapter at the same time; adjusting cumulative output power in continual sections; maintaining the normal output through the high-temprotection with little detectable change during performance.
5、Independent detection on the signal above 3KHz in the output.
Once it exceeds 40V in 0.5s the protection program launches to lower the output below 40V to levitate the damage to HF drivers.
6、Inspection on peak voltage value of supply power to eliminate the abnormal factors destructive to amplifying circuit and shut down the output to protect the systems when necessarily. This kind of patent product can produced more than 4000 sets per month , To meet the requirements of the world's advanced technology, we had researched and developed a digital amplifier after this analog amplifier. We also provides OEM services to different countries in the world.